We have great news!!! We have been searching across the country to find a fresh turkey that is worthy for your Christmas dinner, and we found it!

Hayter's Farm in Dashwood Ontario has been farming as a family for 3 generations. For over 70 years they have taken a "hands-on approach." As a small, hands-on operation, they understand the importance of maintaining the highest standards of excellence.

A few interesting facts:

  • Sustainability- By managing every step from hatching to raising, Hayter's ensures the best practices for their birds, environment, and quality.
  • Similar to the chicken we sell, these are a free run raised turkey.
  • Hayter's Farm has never used hormones or steroids and never will.
  • Hayter's never uses antibiotics for growth promotion, they are only used when prescribed by a veterinarian.
  • When antibiotics are necessary to their birds' health, they adhere to a strict withdrawal period before processing. This ensures there is no antibiotic residue left in the turkey's system.