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Turkey Breast Roasts


$10.99 / lb ($24.23 / kg)

Free Run
Turkey Breast Roast

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1 Each / $13.99

Double Smoked Bacon

Our famous, Hickory-smoked thick-cut bacon

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700ml / $8.99

Meridian's Own
Gourmet Turkey Gravy

This is not your average gravy. Locally made the traditional way, our Gourmet Turkey Gravy is an infusion of roasty flavour and rich texture. It’s been a customer favourite for years and sure to impress your guests.

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1 lbs / $6.99

Sausage Meat

Ground pork with bread crumbs

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Double Smoked Bacon
(1 Each / $13.99)
Gourmet Turkey Gravy
( 700ml / $8.99)
Sausage Meat
(1 lbs / $6.99)

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